Long ago, a beautiful young maiden faced such heartbreak and despair that she chose to end her own life rather than carry her burden. Isabella, the young maiden, stabbed herself through the heart after losing the love of her life. Mysteriously, she somehow left a bloody handprint behind on the wall even after the fatal wound. As a college student who resided in Bullard Mansion, her soul has haunted the campus for as long as it has existed. For decades, the students have tried to look after the poor girl guiding her from building to building for safety, but a small secret fraternity has formed to work towards helping her soul to move on. They have come to believe that the only opportunity each year is upon the anniversary of her death within the confines of the foundation that remains of the demolished Bullard Mansion. As the newest pledges, you have been given the chance to help Isabella move on, but you only have one hour until midnight. If you fail, she will be doomed to wander the campus for another year. If you succeed, you will be the heroes who helped Isabella find peace.  Are you up to the challenge?


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